I am currently conducting research into rural development in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), particularly in Slovakia, as part of the MPhil in Architecture and Urbanism at the University of Cambridge. In my project and this blog I aim to show , that Slovakia, similarly to other CEE countries offers plenty of skills and potential to build in a move to propose alternative ways of rural life. At the moment, the country is moving rapidly towards the mainstream Western European way of living, producing and consuming, which is based not on the peoples satisfaction and cooperation, but rather on economic gain. Therefore, there is an urgent need to reinforce potential and skills that already exist before they become lost and forgotten. Western societies are re-learning and re-discovering some of these skills and the fact that CEE countries already have them should be valued and protected!

Few words about me

Before starting my Master studies at the University of Cambridge, I worked as a part one architectural assistant at 10:8 Architekten in Z├╝rich, in Switzerland. During my Undergraduate studies at the University of Liverpool, I spent one semester as an exchange student at the Graz University of Technology in Austria, and during the summer holidays I worked as an intern in Slovakia and in the United Kingdom.

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